Sony Playstation to produce original series Powers

The video games giant will adapt the comic book as drama for its consoles


It seems everyone is making television these days, whether it’s Netflix with House of Cards or Amazon pumping out pilots. Now Sony Playstation are getting in on the act, producing their own original series for consoles.


Powers will combine superheroes with gritty police drama, as officers investigate superpowered crimes. Think Law & Order: Metropolis. Based on a comic by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, Sony Pictures Television will produce 10 episodes of the show, each an hour long.

In America, Powers will only be available on Playstation Network, the subscription entertainment service built into Sony consoles. Internationally, the door is open for Powers to be sold to other services or TV channels.

All of the current generation of consoles feature streaming movie and TV services, but they tend to rely on Netflix and other providers. Sony’s arch-rival Microsoft also has plans for original content, including a series based on their massively successful video game Halo, produced by Steven Spielberg. Exclusive games and series are seen as key in convincing customers to buy expensive consoles and subscribe to their online services.

There’s no word yet on when the series will premiere, so those holding out for a hero might have a while to wait.