President Obama tells Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres what he thinks of losing that Twitter title

The star-packed Oscars selfie was a “cheap stunt” the US President tells the chat show host after she beat his retweet record


Getting the highest number of re-tweets on Twitter is something to celebrate in the world of social media. But stealing the title from the US President… yep, he’ll have something to say about that.


Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres managed the feat at this year’s Oscars ceremony. During her presenting duties, Ellen called together a host of celebs – including Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep – and the selfie snap quickly shot up the ranks on Twitter.

“I heard about that”, Obama tells Ellen, adding, “I thought it was a pretty cheap stunt myself, getting a bunch of celebrities in the background.”

Ellen told the President she had indeed been actively trying to beat his record. And Obama’s 780,320 total was certainly outdone by the 3 million+ Ellen scored.

Well, the Pres had only posted a snap of himself hugging wife Michelle Obama in 2012 after he’d secured another four years as President. No biggie or anything…

But the loss of the Twitter title hasn’t docked any cool points from the President. He went on to joke about the differences between the real Washington and that portrayed in Kevin Spacey’s Netflix hit House of Cards – apparently there’s not actually that much dancing in the Situation Room (he should do something about that).

And when it comes to parenting, Obama’s keeping things on the straight and narrow. If either of his daughters want a tattoo, guess what? He and Michelle are getting exactly the same one in the same place and having a family picture of them all that they’ll post online. Touché Mr President.