Jeremy Piven: Sherlock’s Benedict is a Cumber*****

The Mr Selfridge star wasn't too impressed when he was upstaged by Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch...


They are two very different shows. One follows the flamboyant American who came to Britian and opened Oxford Street’s successful department store Selfridges, while the other follows an intuitive genius who solves complicated crimes in modern day London.


But somehow the stars of Mr Selfridge and Sherlock have still managed to become fierce(ish) rivals.

“PBS is putting [Mr Selfridge] out [in the US] and we went and did a Q&A for the critics and they said we were going to share it with Sherlock,” Jeremy Piven said recently on Jimmy Kimmel’s chat show, adding that he was told: “You’ll do your Q&A, they’ll do theirs, then we’ll put it out to the critics and if they have any questions they will come to the stage and ask you or Sherlock questions.”

But it seems the Mr Selfridge star wasn’t too impressed by the set up. Especially when he was completely upstaged by Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch…

“They guide me to the stage in the dark and when the lights come on they say, ‘Please give your questions to Sherlock,’ and they forgot to say Mr Selfridge,” he continued.

“I am standing there on the stage while hundreds of people made their way to Benedict Cumberb*****.”

The 48-year-old actor, who is currently filming Entourage, went on to call the experience of being entirely ignored while fans clamoured to speak to the Sherlock star both “humbling and horrifying.”

Piven was clearly joking when he used the obscene version of Cumberbatch’s name, but, you know, we wouldn’t blame him if he is feeling a little bruised and embittered by the experience…