What The Inbetweeners boys need to know about Australia

Simon, Will, Neil and Jay go Down Under (stop sniggering, Jay) this August. Here are some dos and don’ts for their antipodean travels


The Inbetweeners Movie 2 is hitting cinemas this August. Wednesday the 6th August to be exact. 


Joe Thomas, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and James Buckley will be back as Simon, Will, Neil and Jay, heading Down Under for another dose of sun-drenched mayhem.

Having backpacked around this glorious land myself, I have high hopes for the lads’s latest outing. And some tips:

1. Don’t buy a backpack with a smaller detachable backpack for the front. Your mum will think it’s safer for all your belongings but you will look like a prat. Will, I’m looking at you. It’s the type of thing you’d do. Don’t. 

2. Ditto sandals and socks.

3. Oh, and they’re called thongs, not flip flops. Jay, I can hear you laughing. You just have to get over it.

4. Everyone isn’t actually called Bruce or Sheila.

5. But they do actually say G’day.

6. There is a Neighbours tour. A NEIGHBOURS TOUR. Dr Karl Kennedy is often there. Get over there.

7. I didn’t see anyone wearing a hat with corks. Neil, take it off.

8. Vegemite is worse than Marmite. Much worse.

9. Wear sunscreen. You will burn. Simon, don’t let Jay put yours on your back. You know what he’s doing. What’s that? Oh, too late. No he hasn’t drawn anything…

10. Goon (ie. wine in a box) is the drink of choice for poor backpackers.

11. Yes it’s disgusting.

12. Like drinking hot syrup.

13. But it’s cheap.

14. And you can blow up the empty bag and use it as a pillow.

15. Surfing is cool. But don’t get eaten by a shark. In fact, you should all probably just stay away from all water. Forever. Or send Neil in first.

16. Jay, no-one in Australia has slept with you.

17. No, not even that time.

18. Or that one.

19. Place names are long. Woolloomooloo anyone? Yeah, give Will the map.

20. Some animals are friendly. Sure, hug a koala. But don’t swim in jellyfish-infested water or where there’s crocodiles. Or sting rays. Or pick up any killer spiders. Or go near the snakes. Or… blooming heck. Check your travel insurance.

21. A can of beer is called a tinny.

22. You have to buy alcohol at the bottle-o. Not the supermarket. Yes, they put an o on the end of most things.

23. Got something to do? Do it in the arvo. 

24. Emergency? Call the ambo.

25. If you’re ‘true blue’, you’re patriotic. Not in dire need of said ambo.

26. Neil, you should probably write this down. Emergency number: 000

27. No Jay, you didn’t have sex in the back of an ambo…