Veronica Mars: go behind the scenes of the movie

Fancy a sneaky peek at what went on behind the scenes? Look no further, marshmallows...

Veronica Mars: go behind the scenes of the movie
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We've been waiting six years for the return of our favourite super-slick sleuth. So it's only fair that we get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the much-anticipated Veronica Mars movie, right? 

Luckily for us, those lovely chaps over at V Mars HQ aren't being shy. And a peruse of their official Instagram account later, we've got ourselves a play-by-play guide to how the Veronica Mars movie came about. 

Here's where it all started:

A little reminiscing...

Before it was down to business:

And catching up with old friends...

Via a little down time...

Filming over, it was time to tackle publicity... 

Again, via a little down time.

And finding Kristen Bell a date. Tough job, that.

...Before marshmallows the world over get to see the film we've all been waiting for

(Psst - have you seen Weevil's HAIR?)

It's been a tiring few months!

Veronica Mars movie is in UK cinemas and on demand from 14 March.