Emmerdale spoilers: David blames himself for Priya's shock collapse, reveals Matthew Wolfenden

"He’s not in love with Priya but she’s the mother of his child – that’s always going to be important. And she definitely needs his help," adds the actor

Emmerdale spoilers: David blames himself for Priya's shock collapse, reveals Matthew Wolfenden
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The problems facing pregnant Priya (Fiona Wade) are to catch up with her in next week’s episodes when she collapses in the café and hits her stomach on a table. And it isn’t long before the news travels back to father-to-be David, who is obviously distressed and alarmed by this worrying turn of events.

So will the true extent of Priya’s eating disorder be revealed? And how will David react to the revelation that wife Alicia (Natalie Anderson) has been keeping him in the dark about Priya’s condition? Actor Matthew Wolfenden has the latest:

So does David have any idea that Priya is not eating?
Kind of. Leyla has suggested that Priya has a problem with food, but David either doesn’t understand it or doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t think she’d do that to the baby.

Has he noticed that Priya hasn’t been putting on much weight?
I’m assuming David isn’t that stupid. I know he’s a bit daft, but he knows that she hasn’t got much bump at all. I think that – in the back of his mind – he has noticed, but it’s never been brought up and it’s never been mentioned on screen.

Plus she’d just tell him that it was none of his business…
Yes, that’s what she says. She wants to do deal with the pregnancy on her own, so David has been backing away and burying his head in the sand.

How does he feel about Priya at this moment in time?
He’s concerned about her because he wants everything to be fine with his baby. There are no romantic feelings there, though. It’s just genuine concern because she’s the mother of his unborn child.

How does he get to hear that she’s collapsed?
Priya collapses in the café, which is where Jacob is at the time. He runs down to the house to tell David. But Priya tells him that she doesn’t want him to accompany her to the hospital and that she’s absolutely fine. Also, Jai takes David to one side and advises him to do what Priya wants because she’s fragile. But he does end up going to the hospital, much to the annoyance of Jai. But David does feel that he has a right to be there.

And how does he feel when he finds out about her eating disorder?
He’s angry at Alicia because she knew what was going on. In fact, he’s unhappy with both Leyla and Alicia, rather than with Priya.

Is he fearful for the baby’s safety?
Yes, absolutely. With any pregnancy, it’s a nerve-wracking nine months. And as a man, you’re not the one looking after the unborn child. But here he feels that he has no control – and that neither does the person who is carrying his baby thanks to this mental disorder that she has.

And does David blame himself for what Priya is going through?
Yes, he does. A doctor tells him that stress can trigger something like this. We find out that Priya has had anorexia in the past and that these things can resurface at times of worry. So he does blame himself for jilting her the day before their wedding. But he also has a slanging match with Georgia where he has a go at her for taking Priya to bridal boot camp.

So, who must come first for David – Priya or Alicia?
Alicia will always come first because she’s his wife. But obviously he’s protective of Priya. He’s not in love with Priya but she’s the mother of his child – that’s always going to be important. And she definitely needs his help.

Is he worried that spending time with Priya will cause a rift with Alicia?
In David’s mind, he doesn’t think this is affecting Alicia at all. Which is another bad thing, really. She’s probably going to have a nervous breakdown after what David has put her through. It’s not been easy for her. David didn’t cheat on Alicia, but there’s got be a time when she’s going to break. David’s ex-partner is having his child and Alicia can’t have children – and now Priya has this pregorexia, which means that David has to spend a lot of time looking after her. At this moment in time, it’s not the perfect relationship that Alicia hoped it would be. 

What’s David’s role in Priya’s rehabilitation?
I’m not sure what it’s going to be. We haven’t got that far. At the moment, he’s admitted that it’s probably his fault that she’s regressed into this anorexia. But moving on from here, I don’t know. First and foremost, David wants to make sure that the baby is all right, which obviously means that he wants Priya to be OK. He’ll do anything he can.

And how do the Sharmas feel about him pitching in?
They’re not very happy. He’s made peace as far as he possibly can with them. Rishi knows his heart’s in the right place. The Sharmas don’t hate David, but they are worried for Priya’s sanity and health if he pushes her too far.

Can he forgive Alicia for her betrayal?
Yes, of course he can. And he will. He’ll come to realise that she did it for the right reasons and because Leyla needed someone to confide in. Alicia is the love of David’s life, so they’ll definitely get through this. But it’s a difficult time for Alicia: whether she’ll come out the other side as sane as she is now remains to be seen.

How would he feel if something bad happened to the baby?
Devastated. David’s a nice person and he hasn’t got a nasty bone in his body. He’s not one of these people who’d get somebody pregnant and then walk away and say that he didn’t want anything to do with them. David cares about this baby and Priya. And he’s always been open about wanting the whole thing to work.

But would he blame Priya if something went wrong with the baby?
I think he probably would blame her. It’d be hard not to blame Priya, but it’s a very grey area because you’re talking about someone’s mental health.