Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin fights Tim after returning home, reveals Michael Le Vell

"Kevin will never lose his feelings for Sally. There’s still a spark between them," adds the actor

Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin fights Tim after returning home, reveals Michael Le Vell
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A familiar face returns to the Street next week when Kevin Webster arrives back from Germany, where he’s been looking after his sick father Bill. But he soon finds that life in Weatherfield isn’t quite as he remembered: no sooner has he set foot on the cobbles than he spies a strange man at No 4 and has one of his suitcases pinched.

Little does he realise that the stranger is Sally’s new boyfriend Tim and that the would-be thief is Sophie’s girlfriend Maddie! Here – in this interview conducted before he took an extended break from Coronation Street – actor Michael Le Vell talks about Kevin’s struggles to readjust following his time away:

So has Kevin come back to Weatherfield for any reason in particular?
He’s been in Germany looking after his dad, who’s been sick. But Bill has started to get better and didn’t need looking after anymore. Kevin still has a life back in Weatherfield so he’s got to pick up the pieces and get back to his everyday life.

Was he keeping in contact with his family while he was away?
Absolutely. He would phone Sally up once a fortnight to see how everyone was keeping and to check in with Sophie to make sure she was OK. Kevin would also check in with Tyrone to make sure everything was staying afloat at the garage, too. So when he comes back it’s not as though he’s not spoken to anyone for ten months - but then again, not everything can be communicated over the phone can it!

How were things with Sally before he left?
Before Kevin had to leave to go to Germany he definitely thought that there was every chance of him and Sally getting back together. But that was ten months ago and Kevin’s realistic enough to know that he can’t expect her to wait around for him. Life goes on.

Does he come back with high hopes of them picking up where they left off?
I don’t think he has any expectations when he comes back - he probably doesn’t know what to expect at all. But he does have a bit of a shock when he learns about Tim. He maybe wasn’t expecting things to be as they were between him and Sally, but he probably wasn’t expecting her to be living with another man already! Kevin is shocked that in the space of a few months Sally has moved another man in.

How would you describe Kevin’s feelings towards Tim?
He doesn’t know Tim properly yet and he hasn’t had time to suss him out. Kevin’s not sure which way their relationship is going to go, but if Tim is making Sally happy and making a decent home for Sophie then he can’t really blame him. It was Kevin who went away so he’s only got himself to blame really, and it wasn’t as though he and Tim even knew each other before he left.

When he gets back, does he realise that he’s missed Weatherfield?
He’s certainly missed elements of it but he comes back to all kinds of traumas! He finds out about Tim and he has his bags stolen by Maddie - then discovers that the garage is in a state. But, on the other hand, he’s really glad to be home.

Tell us what happens when he first comes into the house and sees Tim, who he’s not expecting to find there…
Kevin thinks Tim is an intruder because obviously nobody has mentioned that he’s Sally’s new boyfriend! He thinks he’s trying to steal his TV! He manhandles Tim out of the house in a headlock and that’s when Sophie tells Kevin who he is.

Does he feel a bit put out when Tim tells him not to report Maddie to the police?
Yes he feels a bit undermined and put out - more than anything because Tim knows who Maddie is and Tim seems to have more of a handle on Sophie’s life at the minute than he does.

What does he find when he gets to the garage?
Kevin discovers that Tyrone has more or less run the garage into the ground. He’s got unpaid tax demands, bills all over the place and the main supplier has moved on somewhere else so there’s so much work for Kevin to do. He’s got a lot of rebuilding to do.

Do you think his feelings for Sally will deepen?
Kevin will never lose his feelings for Sally. There’s still a spark between them. If anything, Tim will feel more jealous of Kevin than the other way round because he can clearly see that they have so much history and they have a parental bond that he’s not part of.