Karen Gillan’s horror thriller Oculus unveils creepy new trailer

The forthcoming flick sees the former Doctor Who actress come face-to-face with an evil, killer mirror she suspects murdered her parents


Karen Gillan may have come a long way from Doctor Who, but she’s still dealing with creepy monsters and other-worldly beings… 


The Scottish actress – who is steadily building her movie CV – follows up rom-com Not Another Happy Ending with new horror flick Oculus. They couldn’t be more different. One follows the struggles of a successful author… the other, a creepy killer mirror.

Set to scare UK audiences from 13 June, the full trailer for Oculus has just landed featuring Gillan as Kaylie Russell – a young American trying to make sense of the death of her parents while exonerating her brother, Tim (Brenton Thwaites), who was convicted of their brutal murder years earlier.

The main suspect is the antique mirror, of course. Covered in dust and cobwebs and bearing signs of its killer ways. Cue plenty of creepy music, flickering lights and supernatural whisperings. Take a look below… 

Gillan has a busy year coming up, also appearing in hotly-anticipated sci-fi adventure Guardians of the Galaxy (released on 1 August) before taking the lead in ABC pilot, Selfie – from Emily Kapnek, the creator of Suburgatory.