Outnumbered: 16 of the best moments

As we prepare to say goodbye to the Brockman family, look back over five hilarious seasons of the BBC1 improvised family comedy

Outnumbered: 16 of the best moments
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

Outnumbered, the BBC1 improvised comedy following the Brockman family as they negotiate the ups, downs and downright disasters of modern life, bids farewell tonight. 

That's right, Karen, Ben and Jake are having a last laugh this evening as the show comes to a close for the final time (possible one-off reunions aside). 

Outnumbered kicked off in 2007 and has been delighting telly-watchers for five series, which have seen the family grow, evolve and face new bumps in the road, from scrapes with fellow parents and awkward family dinners to pigeons in the kitchen and trips to A&E. 

Meanwhile, we've seen the kids transform from pre-schoolers to gawky teenagers. Just look how young they are here:

The youngest, Karen, played by Ramona Marquez, was just seven when the show first aired, while Daniel Roache who plays Ben has transformed from a cherubic (if destructive) 8-year-old to a 14-year-old who is taller than his on-screen father Hugh Dennis. Tyger Drew-Honey, eldest sibling Jake, is now an adult in his own right. 

Watch their transformation from tiny comedians to the actors they are today...

Asking your children to lie is always a risk... 

It's a good job someone's sorted out the travel plans, eh? 

Some questions are best left unanswered... 

There are no wolves around here...

Maybe it's just a phase?

But the man on Watchdogs says... 

Parents can't get away with anything, can they?

What do magnets and a pictures of cats have in common?

Mummy and daddy are big, fat liars 

Will we be able to watch it live on telly?

That boy's very special... 

The queen would not like to see that at all... 

Why are we clapping?

Some kids think they know it all... 

The tellers of truth are always silenced

Sometimes a formal letter of complaint is the only option...

Outnumbered is on tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1


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