Fine, I admit it, Death in Paradise is still as charming as ever

I take it back, Death in Paradise is just fine without its original leading man, says Ellie Walker-Arnott


Killing season on the sun-soaked shores of Saint Marie is over – as the sun peeps out from between the clouds, the third series of Death in Paradise has come to an end.


And, in spite of my reservations, it turned out all right, didn’t it?

When we learned that the show’s star Ben Miller was leaving and being replaced by another Brit in the form of My Family’s Kris Marshall I declared that fans deserved better than to be fobbed off with “uncomfortable Englishman take two.

“Take Ben Miller’s fish-out-of-water detective and his weather inappropriate wardrobe out of the mix I’m not sure what you’d have left,” I said, before bemoaning DI Richard Poole’s swift and unsentimental send-off in the opening seconds of episode one.

But, hey, a girl can change her mind, okay?

It seems the pull of Saint Marie’s sunny shores is just about enough to keep us entertained – all that rum punch, jolly music and blue surf is hard to resist as we settle on the sofa on a wet, cold and miserable Tuesday night.

Not forgetting all that magnificent melodrama crammed into each star-studded episode – the cameo of choice for British actors in need of a restorative fortnight in the sun.

And, of course, our new series lead. Kris Marshall as the floppy-haired, crinkly-eyed, nice guy DI Humphrey Goodman.

The clumsy, slightly chaotic, Hugh Grant-eqsue DI, who has taken to carrying around the clues to his cases on the backs of receipts, has, surprisingly, charmed me. Ben Miller’s are big shoes to fill, but he’s actually doing a pretty good job.

Yes, I did say it would be absurd to have the new Englishman become Camille’s new love interest, too – that she can’t just go falling for every bumbling Brit who lands on Saint Marie. But I think I’ve even changed my mind on that front.

In the final moments of last night’s episode, Goodman admitted that he “very, probably” loves Camille. And, of course he does. She’s delightful. Any man in his right mind would fall for her. Why should I complain because it’s so predictable and convenient for the scriptwriters? 

Plus it’s obviously not just me who thinks so. Between 6 and 7 million of you have been tuning in each Tuesday night and the BBC has just revealed that the series will be coming back for a fourth run. Death in Paradise is obviously still doing something right. 

Death in Paradise will return for a fourth series next year