Jonathan Creek series 5 - the Twitter reaction

The return of the reluctant detective, played by Alan Davies, left telly-watchers expressing their disappointment on Twitter

Jonathan Creek series 5 - the Twitter reaction
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Last night saw the return of Alan Davies reluctant, duffle-coat wearing detective.

Jonathan Creek was back for series five, ten years after the last series aired. And fans were excited. Like, really excited. 

The start of the show's fifth series, an episode titled The Letters Of Septimus Noone, certainly pulled in the viewers - over 6 million to be precise, which was 4 million more than anything else on at 9:00pm last night. But when it came to viewers' verdicts, it was something of a mixed bag... 

There were those who thought it was brilliant. 

But then there were, erm, an awful lot of you who thought it really, really wasn't... 

Jonathan Creek continues on Friday at 9:00pm on BBC1.