Coronation Street spoilers: Marcus feels disgusted after sleeping with Todd, says Charlie Condou

"In his mind, it’s the biggest mistake he’s ever made, and he believes it will never happen again"

Coronation Street spoilers: Marcus feels disgusted after sleeping with Todd, says Charlie Condou
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Marcus Dent is to give in to temptation in next week's episodes when he ends up sleeping with the manipulative Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley). But how does he feel in the wake of the encounter? And with whom does Marcus envisage being with in the future: Todd or girlfriend Maria (Samia Ghadie)? Actor Charlie Condou tells us more:

Do you think Marcus is trying his best to stay away from Todd? Or is he finding it impossible not to be drawn to him? 
No, Marcus is sensible and is genuinely trying to stay away, but Todd is making it extremely difficult for him! He won’t leave him alone. Todd knows full well that Marcus is attracted to him so he’s massively playing on that.

Does Marcus realise that Todd is playing games?
Marcus certainly gets a sense of it. He sometimes wonders what’s going on in Todd’s head and he’s certainly suspicious of him at all times. But Marcus just can’t work him out... that’s part of the reason why he’s drawn to him. Todd intrigues him.

How much of Marcus feels really bad for having these urges towards Todd? Does he feel awful because of Maria? 
Almost all of him feels awful! He met Maria, he fell in love with her and he made the decision to be with her. He is still attracted to her and still in love with her. Marcus has never looked at anyone else while they’ve been together - he’s just not that kind of guy.

But Todd has really gone out to get him and tried so hard to turn Marcus’s head. Even though Marcus has tried really hard to fight against it, it’s really difficult to do that when you’re attracted to someone. He feels terrible about it but he just can’t fight his feelings.

There’s a scene where Marcus notices that Todd has left his phone in the Rovers – can you tell us what happens when Marcus goes round to the Grimshaws to return it?
Todd’s in the house on his own. They get chatting on the sofa and the mood becomes very intimate. They’ve both got a drink and suddenly these playful flirtations that have been going on between them for the past few weeks take a more serious turn. Marcus is fairly straightforward anyway, so he turns to Todd and asks him outright what is really going on between them. Then they kiss…

Is that all that happens?! 
They kiss and then they go upstairs together. I think we can imagine what happens then.

So how does he feel afterwards?
Terrible. He feels disgusted. He can’t believe what’s happened and that he’s done what he’s done. Marcus has loads of missed calls from Maria because they were meant to be going to view a house together. He just can’t wait to get out of there.

Does Todd try and go after him? 
Todd tries to get him to stay but Marcus tells him in no uncertain terms to back off and leave him alone.

Is he questioning his feelings for Maria at this point?
No, I don’t think he’s questioning his feelings for Maria. But all of a sudden he’s questioning what kind of a person he really is. He’s never been the type of person to cheat and so he’s really confused by it all. His emotions have really taken him over and he can’t believe it. He just wants to forget it ever even happened.

What’s his biggest fear now?
That Maria will find out. In his mind, it’s the biggest mistake he’s ever made, and he believes it will never happen again. But he’s terrified that Maria will find out. It would be the end of his world.

Has the act solidified his feelings for Todd?
No, I don’t think so. He immediately feels so guilty that he just puts all thoughts of Todd out of his mind. At the moment, he believes it’s over between them and that it will never happen again.

How does he feel when Eileen confronts him about what’s happened? 
He feels terrified that this means Maria will find out. He wants to get on with his life with Maria and Liam and the more people that know about him and Todd, the less likely that that’s going to be possible. Maria left Jason for Marcus so he knows this is going to be difficult for Eileen. They’ve been friends for a good while so this could potentially threaten their relationship too.

Then Todd gets a bit nasty and starts telling Marcus that he’s living a lie with Maria and that he needs to face facts. How does that make Marcus feel? 
It makes him so angry and he spends a long time threatening Todd. He tells Todd to stay away from him and Maria and to leave him be. Marcus makes it very clear that he’s not interested and that he doesn’t want a repeat performance, but Todd is like a dog with a bone. He’s set his sights on Marcus and is determined to get him. Todd is attracted to Marcus - it’s not just game playing. He was originally setting out to prove a point, but now Todd sees potential for them as a couple.

Will this be part of your exit storyline? 
I think it’s the beginning of it, yes. Marcus and Maria’s relationship will be in turmoil when she discovers what has happened. Whatever happens, it’s not going to end well...I don’t think Maria could ever forgive him for humiliating her. She’s defended their relationship for so long, she would never be able to trust him again.

Do you think the viewers will have a strong opinion about who Marcus should be with? 
I don’t think anybody will think that Marcus and Todd should be together! I think a lot of people will want Marcus and Maria to work it out. But then a lot of people still want Marcus and Sean to get back together; they have a lot of fans! Maybe Marcus should just be alone for a while!