Coronation Street spoilers: Gary attacks Phelan and leaves him for dead - Mikey North interview

Gary sees red after Phelan makes a pass at his mum

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary attacks Phelan and leaves him for dead - Mikey North interview
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Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) is to make his sordid intention clear to Anna (Debbie Rush) when he tries to kiss her during next week’s episodes. The Windass matriarch is left fighting off Phelan’s advances in scenes to be shown on Monday 24 February, but by the week’s end, it looks as though the tables will have been turned on the lecherous businessman.

After Anna’s son Gary finds out about what’s happened, he’s quick to confront Phelan. But a fight between the two men ends with Phelan unconscious on the ground and Gary standing over his body with a piece of copper piping in his hand. Actor Mikey North – who plays Gary - tells us about the stand-off and what happens later when Phelan mysteriously disappears…

So, is Gary fearful of going into business with Phelan – he does have a bit of a track record?
Phelan knows how to talk the talk and Gary has been swept along with it all. He even says to Owen on their first day that it’s funny how things have turned out given their previous feud with Phelan - and now they’re going into business with him!

Do you think Gary has pound signs in his eyes?
Yes, he sees this as too big of an opportunity for them to pass up on. Gary thinks this could be the making of them. He and Izzy are finally settled with Jake, while Anna and Owen are just about back on track with Faye, too. Gary likes working with Owen, they make a good team, and Phelan is like a new man with them both now. He gives them football tickets as a thank you for working hard and takes Owen and his mum out for dinner, so Gary struggles to see past all of that.

Has he any clue of how uncomfortable Anna is around Phelan?
He has no clue. Gary is just so excited by the whole project. He has no reservations about the partnership and thinks they should just give it their all. Anna does tell Owen that he makes her feel uncomfortable, but he refrains from telling Gary this so when Owen is frosty with Phelan, Gary is really confused as to why.

So, who alerts Gary to the fact that Phelan has been trying it on with Anna?
Izzy has been in the know about Phelan’s advances all along. She can tell there’s something wrong with Anna when she says she’s poorly and has to stay at home while the rest of them have dinner with the Phelans. Anna confides in Izzy and tells her that Phelan came round to the house and really tried it on with her. Izzy can’t have it weighing on her conscience or keep it a secret from Gary, so she ends up telling him on their way home.

And what’s Gary’s reaction to hearing this?
Gary’s absolutely livid. He’s overcome with shock because, for him, it’s come out of nowhere. He can’t bear the thought of his mum being put in that position and he’s also close to Owen, so he feels completely screwed over by Phelan. Gary is insanely protective of his family and always wants what’s best - that’s why he was pushing for the partnership with Phelan in the first place. He can be quite impulsive, too, so it takes all of his energy to keep his cool with Phelan for a whole day after and to keep it from Owen too.

Do you think he wants to tell Owen?
Yes and no. He doesn’t want to tell him because he thinks he can deal with it himself, as Anna’s son. He can’t get it out of his head, but it’s impossible for Owen to draw it out of him. But then part of him does want Owen to know so they can be in on it together. He’s promised Izzy he won’t say a word though and he can’t go back on that.

So what happens when Gary confronts Phelan?
Owen knows that Gary is acting suspiciously as he’s being so cold towards Phelan. Gary tells Owen to go home and that he’ll give Phelan a lift. When Owen’s gone, Gary seizes the opportunity to confront him. He asks why Phelan has treated his mum like a tart. At this point, the other side of Phelan comes out, which Gary and Owen have both seen before. He thinks he’s untouchable and knows what to say to get Gary worked up. He tells Gary that his mum is a tease and probably has a whole host of men on the go. Gary just completely sees red and loses it.

Is Phelan trying to deny it and put the blame on Anna?
No, he doesn’t even really deny it, but he puts the blame on Anna by saying that she was practically asking for him to come on to her. He’s completely brazen about it all.

And what happens next?
Gary is blinded by rage the second Phelan calls his mum names. He sees red and he lashes out in a moment of anger. He throws himself at Phelan and attacks him.

Does Gary think he might have killed Phelan?
Phelan falls unconscious and, at that point, Gary goes into panic mode. He can’t wake him and Phelan’s body is lifeless. He doesn’t know what he can do, so the only thing he can think of is to ring Owen and tell him Phelan’s had an accident at work.

What happens when Owen turns up?
Owen finds Gary roaming around the streets and picks him up. Owen knows something isn’t right because Gary’s been acting strange all day and because Gary is so panicked he just comes out with it all. He tells Owen that Phelan tried it on with his mum and he wanted to teach him a lesson. Owen doesn’t really have time to process the information at that point, he just knows he and Gary have to get to the building site and sort this mess out and quickly.

And what happens when they get back to the site?
They race back, only to discover that Phelan’s body has gone. While Gary was worried that he’d killed Phelan, they are now worried about his whereabouts and what he will do. They both know from past experience that Phelan takes no prisoners.

How would Gary cope if Phelan went to the police and reported him? 
It would ruin him. He’s finally got everything that he and Izzy have fought for. He’s been so optimistic and hopeful about this project that he’d never live with himself for putting his family through it all.

Is it nice having such a dramatic storyline again?
Yes, definitely. It was nice to have a little break after the surrogacy storyline, but I’m ready for this. It’s going to be a massive year for the Windasses.