Dame Helen Mirren on her Bafta win and cleaning Prince William’s face

Mirren celebrates her Bafta Fellowship win saying she wanted to spit on a hanky and clean Prince William's face...


Tonight Dame Helen won the coveted Bafta Fellowship award, rather fittingly collecting it from Prince William. 


Joking he should call the actress “Granny” after her portrayal of the Queen in the hit film, the Duke of Cambridge welcomed the actress to the stage to accept her award. 

And Mirren herself was thinking about her role as the Queen, joking in the winners’ press conference:

“I wanted to have a hanky in my bag and take it out and spit on it and clean his face.”

Mirren adds, “A great honour – I’ve never met him before and he’s very sweet and charming. He’s great.”

The actress says she is “almost speechless, but not quite”, adding that she did manage to make a speech. And a beautiful speech it was. After blowing a kiss to her husband, Mirren paused to read these enchanting lines from Shakespeare’s The Tempest:

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on. My little life is rounded is rounded with this honour” she said. 


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