Cate Blanchett: Actress years are frightfully short

The Blue Jasmine star, who won the best actress Bafta at tonight's awards ceremony, has said being cast by Woody Allen was "incredibly unexpected"


She’s Hollywood royalty. An Oscar-winning actress who has starred in films such as The Lord of the Rings, The Aviator and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But 44-year-old Australian actress Cate Blanchett has said tonight that before being cast in Blue Jasmine she thought her film career was over.


“It was incredibly unexpected,” said Blanchett of her casting in the Woody Allen film.

“I’d been working in the Sydney theatre and I kept saying to my agent, I didn’t think I had a film career to return to,” said the star, who picked up the Bafta for best actress at tonight’s ceremony. “That time’s been creatively fulfilling. Actress years are frightfully short so I was pleasantly surprised to get the call and then be handed such an extraordinary script.”

Blanchett, who is hotly tipped for success at this year’s Academy Awards, dedicated her win tonight to late Hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, her close friend and co-star in The Talented Mr Ripley, saying: “I don’t think I’m alone in the room having been profoundly influenced by Phil – his body of work and who he was as a person. His influence – time will tell how deep it was.”

“If I could be half the actor he was in his unfortunately short life I will be very happy,” added Blanchett. 

Blanchett played troubled socialite Jasmine in Woody Allen’s film Blue Jasmine, alongside Sally Hawkins and Alec Baldwin.