Splash! meet the finalists

TOWIE's Dan Osborne, Boyzone star Keith Duffy, Paralympian Richard Whitehead and Diversity's Perri Kiely battle to be crowned Splash! champ by Olympic diver Tom Daley


After weeks of diving board action, Tom Daley’s reality show is drawing to a close.


This Saturday night TOWIE’s Dan Osborne, Boyzone star Keith Duffy, Paralympian Richard Whitehead and Diversity’s Perri Kiely will all compete to win the top prize. 

It’s probably not a diving board. Or a swimming pool. More than likely just a trophy. But a win’s a win, eh?

Along the way there’s been swimming trunk slips, bruises and more belly flops than the celebrities care to remember. But for the finalists, just a few dives stand in their way of being the champion. 

Meet the contenders… 

Richard Whitehead

Famous, why? British Paralympian. Holds the world record for athletes with a double amputation in both the full and half marathon.

Whitehead completed 40 marathons in 40 days.

Reason for doing Splash!? “I wanted a fresh challenge, and I also wanted to encourage people with disabilities to try diving themselves. I really want to push myself as far as I can.”

Semi-final success: Whitehead wowed with a handstand forward dive from the 10 metre board, scooping 25/30 from the judges. Then upped the ante with a backwards dive from a handstand from the lower board, earning him a peachy score of 25.5.

Keith Duffy

Famous, why? Former Boyzone member and Coronation Street star.

Reasons for doing Splash!? “I fancied seeing if I’ve got what it takes to learn a really challenging new discipline. And as an added bonus, I can now use this skill to show off on holiday in front of my kids!”

On mishaps: “I’ve done a couple of belly flops, and they’re really not very nice. It’s like someone hitting you very hard with a wet fish.”

Duffy has also had a few swimming trunk slips along the way in Splash!

Semi-final success: Struggling with back pain, Duffy pulled off a T star forward pike from the 10 metre board. He scooped a 21.5, and yes, his trunks fell down.

The singer’s second dive was a forward one and a half summersault tuck, with trunks down at the end. Of course.

Perri Kiely

Famous, why? Part of dance troupe Diversity who rose to fame after winning reality show Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Reason for doing Splash!? “I flip nearly every single day so I can incorporate that into my diving. It’s something new but something I might be quite good at.”

On the height of the boards: “The moment you get up there you just go weak in the knees, it’s very scary.”

Semi-final success: Rather worryingly removing his glasses before diving and admitting he could barely see anything, Perri produced a near-perfect inward one and a half summersault with tuck. He got a whopping 27.5 for his efforts. Later he managed a forward one and a half summersault with twist. Way more complicated and much harder, earning him 24 points. 

Dan Osborne

Famous, why? Dan rose to fame on ITV2 reality show The Only Way Is Essex. 

Reason for doing Splash!? While Dan says he’s not too keen on the “height situation” he’s said from the start he’s “in it to win it”. “I think everyone who enters this competition is in it to win it. I’m not feeling very confident because of my diving skills.”

Tom Daley described him in semi-final training as looking like a “rag doll being thrown off a building”.

Semi-final success: Dan was told another feet first dive using his arms would increase his skill level but bagged a 22.5 for his forward somersault with half-twist from the 7.5 metre board.

For his second dive Dan added in a handstand start into a pike, again from the 7.5. Wobbly entry aside, he scooped a 24.5 from the judges. 

See the Splash! final Saturday 7:20pm on ITV