Valentine's Day dos and don'ts... according to film and TV

Your guide to 14 February, from romantic gestures to boyfriend bonfires

Valentine's Day dos and don'ts... according to film and TV
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The 14th of February. Valentine's Day.

Singletons panic date – or panic-buy ice-cream – while those in relationships find themselves perspiring over whether they should go for the personalised teddy bear or the romantic quote fridge magnet. It's a minefield. 

But help is at hand. Whether you have a date this Friday or not, there are plenty of important lessons to be learned from the world of TV and film. All you lovers, take note... 

For starters, actually remembering is a good idea. Especially if you've got a loved one waiting for their bunch of roses/box of chocolates. 

Don't think you've got to stick to those Valentine's Day favourites though. Surprises are good. Just don't get too caught up in the big reveal... 

And don't go expecting any hugely romantic gestures from your other half. Meg Ryan and Nora Ephron have a lot to answer for... 

Often it's just better to pop those name badges/raunchy outfits back in the wardrobe and keep things low key... 

For those who don't have a loved one to share the special, special day with, it can be a stressful time of year. Everyone's feeling a little fragile, so try and keep important conversations to a minimum.

Emotions might be running high but try to keep your feelings in check. Especially in public places. 

And remember, the pink, fluffy, chocolate covered pressure might be mounting, but it doesn't mean you should lower your standards just to get a date. Or focus all your love and attention on your cat...

Or start talking to inanimate objects... Seriously. However lonely you are. This will never be okay.

And finally, if you make plans with other singletons, try to avoid fire or rituals of any kind. 

What's wrong with a night in and a takeaway, eh?