Andi Peters returns to ITV for quiz show Ejector Seat

Peters will take on his first TV presenting role for eight years in the new daytime general knowledge quiz that sees losing contestants catapulted over “the edge”


A new daytime ITV quiz show fronted by Andi Peters will challenge contestants to answer general knowledge questions – or face being catapulted out of their seats.


The aptly titled Ejector Seat will see players seated in chairs which advance further along a track with every wrong answer given. If they reach “the edge” (details of which are yet to be confirmed), they’re ejected out of their seats and off the show, while the last man, or woman, sitting gets the chance to play for a prize of £10,000.

Ejector Seat will be Peters’ first TV presenting role since 2006 when he hosted ITV cookery show Sunday Feast, with much of his recent career has been spent as a producer, rather than in front of the camera. 

Meanwhile, Peters’ fellow former BBC children’s presenter Gethin Jones will front another new ITV daytime quiz show, The 21st Question, billed as a tense winner-stays-on quiz. 

Both shows are coming to ITV later this year.