Call the Midwife series 3 episode 3 predictions: prison inmates, itchy scalps and lovers’ tiffs

A look ahead to the third episode of series three, accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...


Episode two was a bit of a tearjerker, wasn’t it? We had unhappy wives, babies up for adoption and young girls without mums… 


Jenny was promoted above Trixie to acting sister, much to the more experienced midwife’s annoyance. Even her lovely new pixie crop (inspired by actress Jean Seberg, don’t you know) wasn’t enough to distract her from Jenny’s new found bossiness, and the pair’s new bedroom became less “fun and frolics” and more frosty. 

The girls’ disagreement was soon forgotten though when one of Jenny’s patients revealed she was planning on putting her unborn baby up for adoption because the baby was mixed race – and not her husbands. A troubling and difficult case that was made harder when the woman’s volatile husband found out… 

Meanwhile, Cynthia championed deep breathing and relaxation techniques to calm the nervous mothers of Poplar. Sister Evangelina wasn’t convinced by the modern approach (is she ever?) but the calming technique helped a young girl who was terrified at the prospect of giving birth without her late mother.

In other news, Jenny’s dreamy boyfriend Alec revealed his political side when he decided to take part in a march for the campaign of nuclear disarmament, Chummy admitted she was finding life as a working mother harder than she expected and Shelagh dreamed of holding her own baby in her arms. 

But what’s going to happen this Sunday? Well… as ever, I’ve put on my (cotton, candy striped) thinking cap and made some spurious suggestions… 


Power gone to her head much? Jenny’s clearly putting her feet up now she’s been promoted. She’s finished checking that the gals have achieved those perfect hospital corners and using important sounding words like inventory, schedule and spick and span. It’s time to stare dreamily into the distance and imagine a golden age when she’s completely and utterly in charge of Nonnatus House. 

Some would argue that delegation is the key to career success, but Jenny’s taking it a bit far if it means she’s got time to rest up on a patient’s bed while all the others are out bringing new life into the world…


There’s nothing like a promotion to boost your confidence, eh? Not content with bossing the residents of new Nonnatus House around, Jenny is turning her talents to surgery now, too.

She may not technically be qualified to weald a scalpel… but, with Jenny pulling that icy expression, who is going to be the one to tell her? 


The Poplar midwives really do become EastEnders this week when Lacey Turner makes an appearance.

Clearly, she’s wondered off the set of the soap and fallen six decades back in time into a 1960s prison. Not that it makes much difference, the cockney accent’s the same and the women of the East End are just as tough, ballsy and argumentative now as they were then… 


Newbie Winifed is making herself useful and living up to her nickname Nitty Nora the Scalp Explorer. (And it’s a good job too. Has anyone actually seen her do any work yet..?)

Poor Trixie’s pixie crop has taken an unfortunate turn this week. It looks as though the glamorous midwife has found herself with a case of LICE. Possibly from her turn visiting pregnant prisoners – so lawbreaking lice, no less. How incredibly embarrassing. Bet Jean Seberg doesn’t have to put up with conditions like that… 


We’ve all been there. You know, been that couple arguing through gritted teeth on a night out, while drunken revellers stumble past, dropping their cheesy chips and yelling at you to cheer up. It might be 1959, but I’m faaairly sure that still happens. 

Clearly Alec’s tried to treat his new girlfriend. They are out somewhere fancy. She’s all glitzy and glam. He’s all relaxed – loosened his tie and everything. But Jenny just can’t stop being bossy. She may have taken off her frilly sister’s hat, but she’s got a taste for telling people what to do and from the look of Alec’s puppy dog eyes he’s not at all happy about it… 


The morning after and conditions are still frosty between Poplar’s young lovers. They’d better kiss and make up sharpish though. Dreamy Alec is nothing but delightful and if Jenny isn’t careful someone else will snap him up. 

It’s been a while since Trixie had a love interest. Just sayin’… 

Call the Midwife continues on Sundays at 8:00pm on BBC1.