Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

27-31 January: Georgia discovers that she's pregnant, while Kate and Kyle try to rebuild their friendship

Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St
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Monday 27 January

Kyle’s night out with Chris to take his mind off Kate turns into anything but when a fire alarm at Paul’s place leaves her looking for somewhere to stay. Amber is delighted when Imogen offers her a ticket to Josh’s awards ceremony, but she is less happy when she discovers that Ruby is going too. After he wins a trophy, Josh seems more interested in his new fans than Amber. After Terese receives a job offer from another hotel group she finds out why Paul pulled out of the Lassiter’s deal. 

Tuesday 28 January

Broken-hearted over Kyle, Georgia starts to feel physically sick at work. Karl suggests that she should go home but she is determined to fight on. When Georgia later feels nauseous, Susan suspects that she may be pregnant. As Josh’s career seems set to take off, Mason encourages Amber to fight for him despite the attention he is receiving from other people. Susan gets the all clear over her MS relapse and someone is spotted moving into the Kapoors’ old house. 

Wednesday 29 January

Georgia finds an ally in Susan as she faces up to the fact that she is pregnant. On the election trail, Karl realises that Paul’s stunt has had a serious effect on voters. Things become complicated when Kate stays for lunch after Kyle joins her for a jog, then they are both caught in the hot tub by Georgia. When Josh takes part in a glamorous photo shoot, Brad worries that he has his priorities wrong. 

Thursday 30 January

After Josh has another late night at a glitzy ceremony, Brad quits as his swimming coach. Kate and Kyle hang out together and she is seen by Georgia leaving his house early one morning, although she has only spent the night on the couch. Toadie is less than happy when Sonya employs Jacob to do some work at home. 

Friday 31 January

Terese realises that fear of failure is driving Josh off the right path and encourages him to build bridges with Brad and Amber. Sonya dismisses Josie’s theory that Jacob has a crush on her. However, after he has spent the day with Toadie watching cricket, Jacob kisses Sonya. Terese has her suspicions confirmed that Paul plans to take Lassiter’s in a new direction.