Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

27-31 January: Carmel decides to leave for good and asks John Paul for help - but will more heartbreak put a spanner in the works?

Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead
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Monday 27 January

Fraser is furious that he once again has to cover up Grace’s mess, but does he have bigger things to worry about? Jason’s terrified as he is held by the police. Tegan is set up on a date by Leela, but will it go to plan? And, once again, Maxine is left feeling that everything is her fault…

Tuesday 28 January

Sandy’s gobsmacked by a realisation that rocks her world, but does Freddie have an idea up his sleeve? John Paul tears the McQueen family apart, but can they forgive and forget? And Tegan gets involved in matters she shouldn’t… 

Wednesday 29 January

Fraser is adamant to bring a close source down, with devastating consequences. Will Trevor betray his boss to save an innocent?  Sinead is desperate to uncover Lindsey’s secret, but will she succeed?  Meanwhile, Carmel considers a fresh start away from Hollyoaks. 

Thursday 30 January

Feeling guilty and bubbling under pressure from Fraser to retain his silence, how will Freddie respond? Sonny comforts an inconsolable Carmel, but is everything as it seems? Will Sam give in to Trevor’s demands? Jason overhears a shocking conversation, but will he tell those affected? Elsewhere, Lindsey is gutted to receive a callous text from a loved one…    

Friday 31 January

Furious after the revelation about his father’s death, Trevor comes face to face with Fraser in the ultimate showdown; but who will win? The McQueens are rocked by a surprise return. And as Freddie and Lindsey cosy up, will he be able to take her mind off things?