Mr Selfridge series 2: Polly Walker introduces Delphine Day

The Prisoners' Wives actress swaps curling tongs for corsets as she joins Jeremy Piven and Katherine Kelly in the ITV period drama

Mr Selfridge series 2: Polly Walker introduces Delphine Day
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Delphine Day has her own nightclub, her own finances and her own friends - is she an early incarnation of the "modern woman"? 

She is. She’s divorced and she’s been married three times which even by today’s standard is quite racy. She’s a novelist – she writes erotic books and she has a nightclub, a very, very fashionable nightclub which is a bit anti-establishment. It’s not particularly refined – it’s more like The Box or something like that. 

But she doesn't have much money? 

She’s managing a business and she’s got no man to support her. She's good friends with Rose Selfridge which is hopefully a lucky relationship and she’s very forthright and very honest and she’s not demure – she’s quite direct.

She's certainly got the best name...

I think so. Delphine Day. I might have to borrow that - my alter-ego. 

So, does she use her sexuality to get her own way?

She does, but in a very direct manner – she’s not coy and nor is she propositioning people. From what I’ve been exposed to so far with her, I think she’s pretty cool. 

We see Rose Selfridge become even more independent this series - is that all down to Delphine?

I wouldn’t say that’s all down to her but she's certainly a part of that. I don’t really know much about Rose’s character but I imagine she’s had to spend a good portion of her life listening to Harry Selfridge and what he’s got to say so to be friends with another woman who doesn’t give a s**t about what a man would say must be quite exciting and novel. 

Does Delphine clash with Harry?

I think he’s intrigued and nervous but they have a lot of common qualities. She’s a really good businesswoman and she’s running a big club in a time when not many women were doing that kind of thing so she’s obviously somebody to be reckoned with – she’s not someone to discount and he’s no fool. 

You're joining a huge ensemble cast - was there anyone on set who you were particularly excited to meet?

It’s always nice to work with another actress you admire like Frances [O'Connor] and to exchange stories because often as an actress it’s just you – you’re the only other woman and there’s just men so it’s rare that you get to be with a contemporary.

Series 2 of Mr Selfridge begins on Sunday 19 January at 9:00pm on ITV

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