Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

20-24 January: Jason finds Patrick's secret box, while Nancy stands by her man when it seems he's been caught gambling again

Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead
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Monday 20 January

As pressure mounts on Freddie, will he reveal the heartbreaking truth to his loved ones? The Osbornes are left astounded by Darren’s behaviour, but is everything as black and white as it seems? Maxine’s excited as she organises a surprise engagement party for Patrick, but will anybody or anything get in the way?

Tuesday 21 January

Nancy has a surprise in store for Darren, but how will he react? Ruby’s confused by Ziggy’s odd behaviour: is he cheating on her again? Desperate to impress Holly, what lengths will Jason go to? And Maxine makes a discovery that rocks her world…

Wednesday 22 January

Mercedes’s suspicions of Sonny grow, but does she have anything to worry about? Patrick begs Dodger not to reveal the dark truth about Sienna’s daughter, but will he obey? Jason has an idea, but is it enough to win back the girl of his dreams?

Thursday 23 January

Patrick is desperate to salvage his relationship with Sienna, but will she be won over? As a friend’s concern for Maxine grows; will they realise the reality of Patrick and Maxine’s relationship? And Fraser and Grace feel the pressure from an unlikely source.

Friday 24 January

Nancy begs Maxine for answers, but will she have the courage to speak up? Jason’s day goes from bad to worse, with horrifying consequences. Mercedes warns Carmel of her suspicions, but will her words fall on deaf ears? Grace is determined to silence a Hollyoaks favourite once and for all, but will she succeed?