Change to Radio Times TV schedules game leaves Absolute Radio DJ Christian O’Connell unimpressed

The presenter and his team rejected an ill-advised attempt to alter the popular breakfast show feature after the radio station was bought by the publishers of TV Choice


Regular listeners to Christian O’Connell’s Absolute Radio breakfast show will be familiar with the Radio Times TV Schedule Bingo Game, in which Christian and his team aim to identify programmes based on descriptions read out from the magazine’s listings.


But today’s show featured a dubious change to the game – and it didn’t go down too well with Christian and co…

Bauer Media, who publish budget listings magazine TV Choice, recently purchased Absolute Radio – a move which prompted Christian’s sidekick Richie to turn the Radio Times TV Schedule Bingo Game into The TV Choice TV Schedule Game.

It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Christian certainly didn’t think so after hearing the new jingle for the segment, which he said lacked the “energy” of the original.

Richie, who’d composed it, agreed, branding it “limp” with “no passion or heart”. His explanation for the inferior jingle? “We cherished the Radio Times TV Schedule Game, we’re resisting the change.”

Even more telling, though, was their attempt to play the game using synopses read out from TV Choice.

A frustrated Christian called for “better clues”, before Richie reminded him “The ‘clues’ are what the fine people at TV Choice have written…”

Here’s hoping this ill-advised experiment is over and that The Radio Times TV Schedule Bingo Game will be restored to its rightful place next week.