From Trigger to Dibley: watch Roger Lloyd-Pack's best-loved roles

Only Fools and Horses, The Old Guys, The Vicar of Dibley and Harry Potter all owe much to the talents of the British star who died this week

From Trigger to Dibley: watch Roger Lloyd-Pack's best-loved roles
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Paul Jones

Following the sad news of the death of British actor Roger Lloyd-Pack at the age of 69, here's a celebration of some of the best loved roles of the man who will always been known to UK audiences as Trigger...

Trigger in Only Fools and Horses

His performance as Del Boy and Rodney's endearingly dense friend will ensure Lloyd-Pack's place in the viewing public's affections for a long time to come. Here, Trigger offers Del a deal on some "inconspishus" briefcases...

Owen Newitt The Vicar of Dibley

As local farmer and parish council member Owen in the Richard Curtis comedy, Lloyd-Pack was an earthy (some might say bigotted) character who – despite his views on female clergy – eventually fell for Dawn French's vicar...

Tom in The Old Guys

As grumpy old man Tom, in Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong's 2009 BBC1 sitcom, Lloyd-Pack aimed to spend his retirement drinking beer, watching How to Look Good Naked and competing with housemate Roy (Clive Swift) for the affections of Jane Asher's Sally...

Barty Crouch in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Senior was an official at the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter movie franchise, with a reputation for ruthlessness, brutality and impeccably trimmed facial hair...


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