Peter Capaldi saddles up and dresses down for first Doctor Who scenes

The new Doctor rides into town on a horse, wearing nothing but a nightshirt


Since Peter Capaldi took over the role of the Doctor from Matt Smith, one of the big questions on fans’ lips has been what will replace that famous tweed jacket and bow-tie combo?


Well shots from the set of Capaldi’s first scenes do indeed show him in a new outfit – although it’s possible it won’t be his choice of attire week in week out in the Tardis.

The Doctor is seen wearing an old fashioned nightgown while riding a horse (a combination which strikes us as both drafty and uncomfortable) in a scene which appears to be set in Ireland at some point in the last century or so.

The green post box spotted on the street points to the likely location while horse-drawn carriages and characters in period dress – including the Doctor’s friends Strax, Jenny and Madam Vastra – suggest the era.

Capaldi is not the first incarnation of the Doctor to make his debut in nightwear. David Tennant spent his entire first episode in pyjamas and a dressing gown and still managed to thwart an alien invasion.