Joey Essex vs David Attenborough: the TOWIE star flies to Africa to meet some wildlife

As part of his new ITV2 travel show, the former I'm a Celebrity… contestant will spend 10 days in the wild, where he will encounter creatures in the bush


After two weeks in the Australian jungle on I’m a Celebrity… Joey Essex was offered his own travel show. Now the TOWIE star, known for his astonishing naivety, has flown out to South Africa to experience the wildlife.


From South Africa he will go to Uganda where he’ll spend 10 days out in the wild. As part of the show he’ll be trekking and meeting different species.

“He’s also going to get an eye-opener meeting locals,” explained a source to The Mirror newspaper.

Insiders have likened his new ITV2 travel show to Ricky Gervais’ An Idiot Abroad, featuring Karl Pilkington. TV execs are hoping there will be great entertainment value to Joey Essex’s unique innocence.

On I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Joey learned how to tell the time with an analogue clock, light a fire with a tampon and tell the difference between cabbage and lettuce.


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