2014 Golden Globes: 5 reasons to be excited Jennifer Lawrence will present an award

Hunger Games actress has a habit of being blooming hilarious at award ceremonies, says Emma Daly


Jennifer Lawrence is to present an award at this year’s 71st annual Golden Globes, and boy are we excited.


The former winner, who is again nominated for an award for her part in American Hustle, is among a host of famous faces dishing out of the trophies. Robert Downey Jr., Colin Farrell and Uma Thurman will also take to the stage at this Sunday’s ceremony.

But it’s JLaw we’re excited about. Here’s why Jennifer will totally win at presenting an award…

Jen totally gets the Golden Globes

The actress is really good at remembering names

JLaw can fall over even while standing still 

The award winner can sure warm up a crowd 

… and Jennifer has total fangirl freak outs over other celebrities so the winner may not even make it to the microphone