Michelle Dockery shows her funny side as Detective Lady Mary in new spoof video

The Downton Abbey star marked the series 4 launch on PBS last night by starring in the Funny or Die video narrated by Jon Hamm


It looks like Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery is having a hard time shaking off Lady Mary’s straight-laced decorum and plummy accent. Sending up her famous role in a Funny or Die spoof video, Dockery appears as a crime procedural detective named Connie Tough who frequently falls victim to interferences from her aristocratic heiress. 


The two minutes of footage is cut together as a trailer for fake cop show Tough Justice and narrated by Mad Men star Jon Hamm showing the British actress as a fearsome American detective solving crimes alongside her increasingly baffled partner (played by The Shield’s Michael Chiklis).


While Dockery may look worlds away from Lady Mary, wearing jeans and a jacket and sporting short hair, her gun-wielding character regularly slips into familiar territory, pulling on elbow-length satin gloves to inspect a crime scene, calling for Carson to bring the car around and refusing to spring into action until Anna has fixed her hair. 


The video – released to coincide with Downton Abbey’s season 4 premiere in America – also sees Connie Tough using a 1920s shotgun and fretting over whether collecting semen samples will taint her reputation before sobbing over a corpse purporting to be her late husband Matthew.


Intrigued? You should be. Check out the full video below… 

Tough Justice with Michelle Dockery from Michelle Dockery