How to celebrate New Year’s Eve - according to TV and film

From Sherlock to Friends, here's how stars of the screen think the New Year should be seen in

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve - according to TV and film
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Emma Daly

It’s New Year's Eve and from pre-prepared dance routines to a late night dash across town in your pjs, some of our favourite characters have some ideas on how tonight should be approached… 

Get dancing

What better way to get noticed at your New Year's Eve bash than to have a dance routine prepared? For maximum impact dance with a sibling. And use a routine you made up decades ago like Monica and Ross from Friends…

Tell someone you love them

Wait until the clock strikes midnight, then yell at the person you are trying to tell you love them. Over and over again. It works, according to When Harry Met Sally…

Wish people a Happy New Year

… and try and sound like you mean it. Sherlock and Mycroft aren’t quite there. 

Make a New Year’s resolution

Back with Friends, it’s time to choose your resolution for 2014. Fly a plane, do a new thing every day, stop making jokes… the gang have some ideas.

Or, you know… run across town in your pjs, heels and a sparkly hat in the style of Carrie from Sex and the City.

If none of that sounds quite right, why not stay in and watch our pick of the best TV on tonight instead?

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