Review of the Year: September 2013

Otherwise known as the month we sat in front of the telly a lot, cried about the death of Mr Darcy and giggled when Simon McCoy mistakenly presented the news holding some photocopier paper

Review of the Year: September 2013
Written By
Ellie Walker-Arnott

September. The month that saw us all come crawling back to our sofas and say sorry to our tellies for the weeks of neglect. As the sun slunk back behind the clouds, quite possibly never to be seen again, the shows that keep us going through the autumn and winter months made a reappearance.

Our X Factor super-fan Emma Daly embarked on the massive task of watching and reviewing every single episode of the competition. Her social life is in tatters because of it, but at least we kept you up to date on all things X Factor, eh?  

The 11th series of Strictly Come Dancing also cha-cha’d onto our screens, bringing with it a whole new host of wide eyed celebrities eager to acquaint themselves with sequins, spray tan and Brucie’s weekly funnies. Back then we made some predictions about who would do well, which in the most part turned out to be completely inaccurate. Go us. 

Period drama comfort blanket Downton Abbey also returned to our screens. We had a chat with newcomer Nigel Harman, who played Green the valet. But had no idea how important his horrible character would turn out to be. We also sat down for a natter with Michelle Dockery about why she loves it when Lady Mary is a bitch, Allen Leech about why he’s not worried about Branson meeting his maker and Laura Carmichael about dressing like a granny

That was all before, in a shocking turn of events, the hit period drama was accused of poor etiquette and not being able to lay a dinner table properly. Just what would Carson say? 

Over on Netflix, the final series of Breaking Bad was in full swing, winning the world record for highest rated TV series, as well as being called “the best and most depressing” TV ever made by our very own Tim Glanfield. We are sure the show's makers are very proud of both achievements. 

Meanwhile, with Bake Off filling our Tuesday nights with custard sabotage and soggy bottoms, the BBC announced plans to move the successful baking show from BBC2 to BBC1. Talking of the Bake Off, we devised a work out plan so you can have your cake and eat it, which might come in handy during this season of excess... 

September was also the month that The IT Crowd returned for a one-off special and reminded us why we love Jen, Roy, Moss and their neglected IT department, MasterChef host Greg Wallace revealed that he was learning to meditate to calm his fiery temper and we got a bit worried that Soapland was in crisis because of its lack of four-legged friends.

In cinema-land, after months of speculation, Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam were FINALLY cast as the leads in EL James adapation Fifty Shades of Grey. Little did we know it’d be back to the drawing board for Christian Grey in a few week’s time…

And when it comes to dreamy male leads, this month saw the demise of one of the greatest: Mr Mark Darcy. Helen Fielding left us in morning for Bridge’s Mr Right when it was revealed that in Mad About The Boy our Bridget was a widow. Cue a thousand hearts breaking around the world. Needless to say, Twitter was not happy about it. At all.

It was also the month that JK Rowling announced plans for a new Harry Potter film (We know. EXCITING), Lily Collins officially became the internet’s most dangerous celeb, an eight-week-old Prince George was named the most influential Londoner (Not that he knew anything about it) and in one of our favourite moments from the entire year, Simon McCoy presented a BBC bulletin mistakenly clutching a packet of photocopier paper. That's live TV at it's very, very, best.  

And finally. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet or anything. Ah, who are we kidding… September was also the month that Radio Times turned the big 9 0. Woop! 


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