Moonfleet - what did you think?

Ray Winstone and Aneurin Barnard star as Elzevir Block and his young recruit John Trenchard in Sky1's Christmas two-parter based on J. Meade Falkner's classic tale

Moonfleet - what did you think?
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Susanna Lazarus

Sky's swashbuckling Christmas adventure sailed onto our screens this evening, with Ray Winstone at its helm as haggard smuggler Elzevir Block. This adaptation of John Meade Falkner's 19th century novel stars Aneurin Barnard (The White Queen) as young John Trenchard - a fresh-faced orphan who joins Elzevir's band of wheeler-dealers, but rather inconveniently falls in love with Grace - the daughter of his arch-enemy, Mohune. 

They're in search of a fabled diamond, planted by the now-deceased Blackbeard and valuable enough to make a man richer than a king. Cripes. Cue a daring smuggling adventure as a typically gravelly Winstone leads his troops in the search for the coveted gem. 

But did Sky1's adaptation of the classic smuggling yarn ride the waves or sink to the depths? Were you willingly distracted by Aneurin's toned torso? Was Ray Winstone's hoarse turn a little too Bet 365 for your liking? Will you be tuning into tomorrow night's conclusion? (8pm, Sky1)

We want to know what YOU made of Moonfleet, so post your review of tonight's episode in the comment box below... 


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