The Tractate Middoth - what did you think?

Mark Gatiss's directorial debut was given a primetime Christmas Day slot on BBC2 - but did it make your blood run cold?

The Tractate Middoth - what did you think?
Written By
Susanna Lazarus

Mark Gatiss has made his name bringing to life the likes of Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor, but this Christmas he takes the director's chair for the very first time for BBC2's adaptation of ghostly tale, The Tractate Middoth. 

Based on a short story by MR James - a man Gatiss claims to be Britain's greatest ghost story writer - the adaptation starred Sacha Dhawan, Una Stubbs, John Castle and Louise Jameson, telling the tale of young librarian Mr Garrett, his encounter with the mysterious John Eldred and a dreadful apparition that alters his life for ever... 

Dark stuff, but did The Tractate Middoth give you the festive shivers with its spine-chilling tale, or did the half-hour drama produce more of a whimper than a scream? Is this the start of a long and successful directing career, or should Gatiss stay in front of the camera? 

Don't be scared! Post your thoughts in the comment box below... 


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