Downton Abbey Christmas special - what did you think?

Downton Abbey returned for another feature-length treat... but did the Crawley's sunny shenanigans keep you entertained?

Downton Abbey Christmas special - what did you think?
Written By
Ellie Walker-Arnott

Downton Abbey returned to ITV this year for its third Christmas special, and what a special it was. We had moral dilemmas, period balls, a royal scandal and romance aplenty for Mary, Daisy, Isobel... and maybe even Carson and Mrs Hughes.

But what did you think of the episode? Could you make your peace with the sunny, summer setting (they went to the beach, for crying out loud!)? Or did the lack of Christmas trees and snowflakes get on your frazzled festive nerves? 

Were the gentle dramas of the Crawley's enough keep you entertained for two hours? Or did the special send you drifting off for a much-needed nap? 

What do you think about how the episode sets up the characters for series five? And do you think it's time Mary chose a man already?!

Tell us what you thought of the Downton Abbey Christmas special in the comment box below.


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