Call the Midwife - what do we know about new Nonnatus House?

The Call the Midwife Christmas special saw Nonnatus House being demolished, so what will the midwives call home now?

Call the Midwife - what do we know about new Nonnatus House?
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

So Nonnatus House is no more... 

The Christmas episode saw an unexploded WW2 bomb go off in Poplar. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. In fact, it didn't even spoil Christmas. But it did mean that Nonnatus House, the home of the nuns and midwives and the centre of the community, became structurally unsound and had to be demolished. As we left it, the nuns were scattered around the neighbourhood with nowhere to call home. 

That won't be the case forever though. Series three, which comes to BBC1 next year, will see the nuns move into shiny, new premises. So what do we know about the Nonnatus House replacement so far? 

"In episode one we move into a whole new building," reveals Jessica Raine, who plays midwife Jenny. "It does feel like a fresh new start for everyone in Nonnatus."

"It is much bigger," Raine continues. "The clinical room is just a big huge space, with salmon pink walls and it’s just huge compare to what we are used to. The kitchen and the parlour are very different as well, they are sort of joined on to each other."

"It’s a more modern environment," Helen George, aka Trixie, told us. "This is sort of a bit more Mad Men-y, a bit more stark lines. Not sixties because we are still just 1959, but it’s getting modern."

"The set design is quite similar, same colour palette, so it does sort of feel like an extension of the old building. It doesn’t feel completely different."

"Streets have been built and there are shops. It sounds like Harry Potter world!" she adds. 

The new premises don't just mean more space for medical procedures. The girls also get new rooms... 

"We share a bedroom as well," says George, "which is fun and frolics!"

Expect poster covered walls, nail varnish on the carpet and lots of Babycham-fuelled gossiping.

Call the Midwife series three comes to BBC1 in the new year


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