Downton Abbey: Two thirds think Bates didn't kill Green

We asked and readers responded: Bates won't be going back behind bars if they're right

Downton Abbey: Two thirds think Bates didn't kill Green
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

Bates is always getting himself into trouble isn't he. He's been behind bars before. Heck, he's been accused of murder before. 

But 68% of you think that the Downton Abbey valet is innocent when it comes to the oh-so-convenient death of Anna's attacker Green.

The end of series four saw Gillingham's man die off-screen under the wheels of a bus in London, an episode after Bates realised he was the man who attacked his wife and gave the cocky valet his best death stare. Green's fate is clear cut, but the matter of who killed him, or if his death was indeed an accident, was left unresolved. And Bates did just happen to be away from the Abbey on the day he died, too. It wouldn't be too much of a leap to point the finger of accusation in his direction. 

The majority of you lot don't think Anna's hubbie is to blame, though. You're a trusting bunch. Let's just hope you're right... 

Downton Abbey returns on Christmas Day at 8:30pm on ITV


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