Downton Abbey: Lady Mary should marry Lord Gillingham

Forget about Charles Blake, Tom Branson and Evelyn Napier, Lady Mary's next love interest should be dashing aristocrat Lord Gillingham, say readers

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary should marry Lord Gillingham
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

Mary and Tony sitting in a tree...

Lady Mary might be taking her time to choose her man, but readers are have made up their minds - and they think it's high time Mary married Lord Gillingham.

The eldest Crawley sister - who lost her husband Matthew and became a mum in last year's Christmas special - spent the whole of series four coming to terms with her loss, whilst also engaging in some pretty serious flirting with a selection of society's most eligible gentlemen. 

But the lucky lass just can't seem to make a decision. So as we approach the all-important Christmas special, we thought we'd lend Mary a hand and get all you Downton Abbey fans to have your say. 

Over 2,300 of you voiced your opinions, with 35% thinking that Lady Mary should settle down with Anthony Gillingham, who ditched his fiance and declared his love for Mary during series four. 

It's not a clear cut victory for the dashing aristocrat though. 30% of voters went for down-to-earth Charles Blake, probably because of Mary's muddy tumble in the pig pen with him during the last series.

With 12.9% of the votes, it looks unlikely that Evelyn Napier will get his way. And it seems you lot aren't keen on a romance between Mary and Branson, either. The former-chauffeur received just 12.3% of the votes.   

That's not your least favourite option though. Less than 1% of you went for Jimmy the footman. Poor chap. He'll have to plot another way to climb society's ladder...

Downton Abbey returns to ITV at 8:30pm on Christmas Day. 


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