Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie and David to reunite? Paula Lane interview

"Kylie realises the time has come to admit that she’s prepared to give it another go"

Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie and David to reunite? Paula Lane interview
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The Platts have faced a tumultuous time of it of late following the revelations concerning David's scheming. David and Kylie's marriage has taken certainly taken a pummelling, but are the two of them now beyond hope? With fresh drama to come as Kylie passes out drunk while supposedly taking care of Max and Lily, actress Paula Lane fills us in on what to expect from the latest crises to hit her on-screen family.

So, how does Kylie feel in the wake of her drunken behaviour at the nativity?
She’s feeling embarrassed and sorry for herself. She’s hitting the bottle and pressing the self-destruct button because she’s annoyed with herself and the situations she’s put herself in. She knows she’s brought everything on herself but doesn’t want to admit it.

Can she see the impact that it’s having on her children?
She does, but she’s never been a great mum when it comes to thinking what’s best for her children. She’s very selfish in that respect. She’s out for herself and not thinking that Max might be missing David as much as he is.

And then we see her cracking open the wine while looking after Max and Lily – why does she do this?
It just blurs everything out for her and makes her feel numb. She thinks that as long as they’re in the house and she’s there with them that no harm can come to them – even if she’s drunk. She doesn’t think about the hazards in the house.

So, how does she feel when she wakes up and realises that Max was trying to cook on his own?
She’s a bit delirious and it takes her a while to come round. But when she sees what’s happened she goes on the defensive and accuses Max of attention seeking. However, when she starts to sober up, she realises the danger he was in and feels awful.

What does David say to try and reason with Kylie? And do his words hit home?
It’s more the look of absolute horror that he gives her – it’s a look she hasn’t seen before from him. The fact that this more mature David is shining through makes her think about her actions. She realises the time has come to admit that she’s prepared to give it another go.

Is there a part of her that still loves David?
Yes, that’s what she’s been battling with and partly why she’s been hitting the self-destruct button. If she didn’t have feelings for him, she’d have been able to cut her losses and move on. But she’s been grieving over her marriage – in that moment, David is quite rough with her and sort of shakes her back to her senses.

So what does Kylie say to David?
She spills her heart out and tells him that she should have been sterilised at 16. These aren’t crocodile tears – it’s really heartfelt. She’s very distressed and tells him that she doesn’t have the confidence to make the relationship work and that she’s worried that it’s going to be a disaster. She’s been completely rocked by everything but he’s brilliant with her and brings her back round. It makes her realise what she’s been missing.

How have you found playing Kylie at such a low ebb?
It’s been very difficult. The nation is divided about how they feel concerning David, which is brilliant because it’s created debate and controversy, so that’s kept me on my toes when filming. But it’s quite draining when you’re filming with no make-up on all the time. I had a good five weeks when I just felt like I needed a good shower! You know that it’s not real but your body doesn’t and it makes you feel tired when you look so dreadful. But, at the same time, it’s affirmed just how much I love this job. Even when I feel I’m too tired and have nothing more to give, I’m still able to do it.

What advice would you give Kylie if you were her friend?
She’d drive me up the wall if she were my friend! I’d have to tell her to buck her ideas up if she didn’t want to lose everything. She has to stop being selfish – it’s about creating your own path, so stop reflecting on the past.

Where can Kylie go from here?
She can bounce back now – she’s the kind of character that can pick herself up and start again. She’s quite robust because of her upbringing and she’s got fight left in her. She’s also going back to the salon, so we’ll see some of her colour and lighter side come back too.

Do you want to see Kylie and David give it another go?
Absolutely – I don’t want to see her with anyone else on the street. I like the ups and downs of them as a couple.

And have you missed working with Jack P Shepherd while Kylie and David have been apart?
Well, we haven’t really been apart because we’ve still been working together, just not as a couple. And we’ve also spent lots of time together off-screen. When we’re playing those scenes where David and Kylie are being hostile with each other, it makes us realise how good the characters are together and what great mates we are, which is really important. It’s a really good working relationship.

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