One in three people keep watching TV during Christmas dinner

But 64% of us don't tune in to watch the Queen's speech - we reveal the results of our viewing habits survey...

One in three people keep watching TV during Christmas dinner
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Ellie Walker-Arnott

Forget telling cracker jokes, playing party games or catching up with family and friends, it seems we just can't get enough of the telly on Christmas Day. 

So much so that almost a third of us don't even switch off the box during our Christmas dinners. According to our poll, 32% keep the TV on while we tuck into turkey will all the trimmings. 

When it comes to what we watch, though, don't go thinking we are all patriotically watching the Queen's speech while munching on pigs in blankets and Brussels sprouts. Our monarch's annual address isn't high on the list of must-watch TV, with 64% of you admitting that you don't watch or listen to it at all, and just 2% naming the event as the Christmas TV they couldn't do without. 

One thing is for sure, though. We dedicate plenty of time to watching other Christmas telly. 20% of us watch between five and eight hours of telly on Christmas Day, with 39% watching a modest one to three and 34% watching three to five. And 6% of us admitted to putting in eight hours, the equivalent of a full day's work, in front of the box on 25 December. Now that's dedication. 

When it comes to the quality of the TV we watch, it was good news. 38% said they thought it was better than it was when they were little. The same percentage thought it was no different, but either way it's clearly a positive statement about the Christmas telly of today, right?

Over 1,000 readers took part in our survey.


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