Christmas jumpers: 15 of the best from film and TV

Happy Christmas Jumper Day! From Mark Darcy to Ugly Betty, Amy Pond to Sarah Lund, here's some well-timed inspiration for your festive knits...

Christmas jumpers: 15 of the best from film and TV
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Happy 13th December - better known as Christmas Jumper Day. The weather outside is suitably chilly, so we hope you're already sporting your snowflake and Rudolph-inspired festive knits. But in case you're lacking in the jumper department, we thought we'd give you some inspiration in the form of some of our favourite film and TV characters and personalities sporting their own take on the Christmas jumper. Enjoy... 

1. Bridget Jones's Mark Darcy: You'll have a red nose too, Mark, if you knock back much more of the vino...

2. The Killing's Sarah Lund: Yes, it's Christmas, but is it Merry?

3. Ugly Betty, ugly jumper?

4. Brian from Family Guy: Remember, only dogs can get away with wearing their jumpers without pants

5. The OC's Seth and his legendary Christmukkah jumper

6. The stars of 30 Rock know how to rock a Christmas jumper

7. The Dumb and Dumber cast look anything but dumb. Unless this is Easter...

8. Amy Pond, that's Who! 

9. A Modern Family of Christmas jumpers

10. This Morning's Holly Willoughby looks embarrassed by Philip Schofield's blinding monstrosity

11. Ron sporting one of Mrs Weasley's legendary knits

12. Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews hides his curves with a cardy

13. Look, even Santa Claus wears one 

14. We bet Sherlock's jealous of Martin Freeman's knit... 

15. The Beeb brings the Christmas jumpers out in force


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