Benedict Cumberbatch takes to Twitter to talk Martin Freeman, flying and directing

The Hobbit star takes part in Twitter Q&A #AskSmaug telling fans exactly what he thinks… in 140 characters or less

Benedict Cumberbatch takes to Twitter to talk Martin Freeman, flying and directing
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Emma Daly

Benedict Cumberbatch and Twitter. Together. Yes, that happened. And it was enough to send your timeline into a spin.

The actor, who normally steers clear of all things social media, took on the hash tags in the name of the upcoming release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (in cinemas 13 December).

Answering questions about the film, his co-stars and whether a dragon can give the middle claw (yes, really) here’s what Cumberbatch had to say…

@_LauraHolmes_: How would you describe Martin Freeman in 3 words? 

BC: Smart. Original. Mod.

@RachelFerron_TW: How much do you love your fans?

BC: More than I can say in a tweet.

@dr_mikki: if you were accumulating your own dragon’s hoard, what would you want as the prize of your collection?

BC: The Ring [adding] the invincible dragon’s got to rule them all surely.

@JenCappelli: Who would win in a sass-off? Smaug or Martin?... can dragons give the middle claw?

BC: Martin, obviously. Smaug gets pretty clumsy in a rage until he flies. Then, I suppose he might have time to give the birdy.

@highsockmojo: What/who did you use as your inspiration for Smaug?

BC: Neutron cream… better for your skin ;)

@b_smoraes: Is there a person (Alive or dead) you would like to spend a day with? Who?

BC: My grandfathers. I never met either.

@CeceCalabrese: Do you fancy a go at the Director’s Chair?

BC: Yes, one day.

@Cholesteroldoc: What’s your favourite pie? Or are you a cake loving dragon? #CumberCakeCollective

BC: Goat pie or dwarf cake.

@holmesexuals: Is Twitter treating you okay?

BC: Yes, so let’s break it.

@rosiescot: If you lived in Middle Earth, would you like to be a Hobbit, Elf, Wizard (yes, staff, beard & all) or a Dwarf?

BC: I’m quite happy being a dragon, thanks. Oh, and the Necromancer – a disembodied spirit of evil. Less time in the make-up chair!

@swiftsherlock: what was your favourite line in the movie?

BC: I am… death.

@PondsAt221B: What kind of music do you think Smaug would enjoy?

BC: Liberace. A little bit of Burt Bacharach. And Enya.

@_fondueatspeedys: would you rather breathe fire or be able to fly?

BC: Fly. Fly. Fly. And maybe far fire while flying. To fly faster.

@tennanteleven: what would be your ideal Christmas present?

BC: Some free time. And a sea view.

@_mystique: If you could play any cartoon character/ superhero/ villain from your childhood, who would you play??

BC: Puff the Magic Dragon.

@maybeginger: If you could master one other skill (apart from your glorious acting), what would it be?

BC: You’re very kind. Flying would be nice. Piano and French are more realistic though.

See Benedict thank the fans for joining the Twitter chat in this behind-the-scenes video

Picture via @TheHobbitMovie


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