Doctor Who 50th anniversary: how to travel like a Time Lord

Follow in Matt Smith and David Tennant’s footsteps to some of the most exotic filming locations from the epic si-fi series

Doctor Who 50th anniversary: how to travel like a Time Lord
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Doctor Who could be the most well travelled chap on TV. As well as jetting around the universe to different planets, he’s seen a fair amount of Earth too. In celebration of the show’s 50th anniversary, we lay down our favourite overseas shooting locations from the show, so you can follow in the Doctor’s footsteps on a planet, rather than in a Tardis, and have your own Time Lord-style holiday (minus the aliens, of course).

Valley Mountains, Utah, USA

Matt Smith, as the 11th Doctor, visited the Mountain States during series six of the 21st Century run. The Impossible Astronaut episode opens with companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) getting off a bus on the I163. In real life, they're at the eye-poppingly spectacular Monument Valley in Utah. Appropriately, the Doctor shows up sporting a Stetson.

Page, Arizona

Later in The Impossible Astronaut, we watch as the Doctor (really the Teselecta) is killed by a figure in a space suit at Lake Silencio. The crew shot this beautiful scene at Lake Powell near Page in Arizona. Filming took place at Lone Rock Beach, which can be accessed from  Route 89. It's possible to drive right up to the water's edge and even camp out at this otherworldly location. 

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Trogir, Croatia

The sixth episode of series five – The Vampires of Venice – wasn't actually filmed in Venice, as the name suggests, but in Trogir, Croatia. In this episode, we see Matt Smith's Doctor take Amy and Rory on a romantic trip to Venice in 1580. Unsurprisingly, Rory’s first trip in the Tardis doesn’t quite go to plan and the group encounters a ring of apparent Vampires. Trogir's UNESCO protected historic city, scattered with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance architecture, doubles as the Italian city. Filming took place around the town and in medieval buildings including The Cathedral of St Lawrence.

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Seville, Spain

In 1985, The Two Doctors serial sees the 6th Doctor meet an earlier incarnation of himself. Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton filmed much of the episode together in sunny Seville. Here the Doctors and their companions defeat the unsavoury Androgums, Chessene and Shockeye, against a backdrop of beautiful Moorish architecture. Scenes include sights of interest like the Seville cathedral and Plaza de la Alianza.

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Manhattan, New York

Not to be confused with New New York (from episodes New Earth and Gridlock), the Big Apple is featured in various scenes throughout the series. Although the tenth Doctor David Tennant visits New York in episode Daleks in Manhattan, footage was actually filmed in Cardiff. Only 11th Doctor Matt Smith and his companions were fortunate enough to film on location in the US. In The Angels take Manhattan, we see the Doctor, Amy and Rory reading in Central Park sitting on the hill by Wollman Rink. During the episode, the cast are seen exploring modern day and 1930s New York, trying to avoid being trapped in the wrong period by the Weeping Angels. Before their emotional farewell scenes Amy and Rory are filmed in front of the city’s illustrious landmarks – Times Square and Grand Central Station.

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Paris, France

Series two episode Girl in the Fireplace, starring Sophia Myles, is part set in Versailles, but the palace scenes were shot in Newport, Wales, at a 7th-century mansion. However, Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor actually got to sample the French capital when Paris became The City of Death in 1979. In the episode, we see the Doctor enjoy a coffee in the Place de Petit, with views of Notre Dame, and visit the Eiffel Tower. 

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