Doctor Who 50th anniversary cinema tickets on sale – phones jam, websites crash, screenings sell out

Screenings will take place at the official Doctor Who celebration at the Excel centre, while BFI tickets will go back on sale this weekend


It’s been an emotional day for those hoping to watch Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special in the 3D splendor of a cinema.


Tickets went on sale at 9am this morning, and fans were soon tweeting their joy and frustration as websites jammed, local cinemas sold out and – as was the case of the BFI in London – sales were postponed all together.

As announced earlier this week, 216 VUE, Cineworld, Odeon, BFI and Picturehouse cinemas across London, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh will screen the highly anticipated The Day Of The Doctor on Saturday 23 November.

With the 75 minute special being given a one-off showing in cinemas at the same time as the TV broadcast, however, screenings are limited – which meant that booking tickets, for some, was a “right palava.”


Those having the most trouble, though, were the BFI: whose ticketing system had to be taken offline this morning due to a “technical problem.” 

40177 understands that the problem is now fixed but tickets will not be going back on sale until the weekend in order to give all fans a fair chance. They will be available online to BFI members at 9am tomorrow, with non-members being given their chance at 11:30am on Sunday.

Other fans were worried about whether they will be able to see the special if they are attending the Doctor Who 50th celebration at the Excel exhibition centre on 23 November. 


A BBC Worldwide spokesman has confirmed to that there are screening plans for fans who are attending the convention on the Saturday (well, it would be a bit weird if they didn’t, eh?) It’s uncertain how many people these screenings will be able to accomodate, but an official announcement is expected early next week. 


As well as in the UK, screenings are set to take place simultaneously in over 400 cinemas across eight countries, in parallel with the special being globally simulcast on television at the same time as on BBC1. As of now, however, an air time has not been confirmed.