EastEnders: what kind of dog should Danny Dyer have?

When Mick the new Queen Vic landlord turns up in Albert Square, should he bring a doberman or a chihuahua with him? Cast your vote here...

EastEnders: what kind of dog should Danny Dyer have?
Written By
Paul Jones

When Danny Dyer joins the cast of EastEnders later this year as Queen Vic landlord Mick, he'll be bringing someone with him. Yes, there's his wife Linda (played by Kellie Bright), but there's another even more significant new character – Mick's dog, the first major canine role since the days of Wellard.

We had a chat with an EastEnders insider, but they were keeping schtum about what breed of dog Mick might favour. So we though we'd ask you...

What sort of canine companion should a hardman like Danny Dyer be taking for walkies around Walford? A doberman? A rottweiler? An Alsatian like Wellard? A poodle like Roly? Or perhaps a handbag-sized chihuahua, such as Paris Hilton might favour?

The choice is yours...


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