Sherlock to star in interactive museum exhibition

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in the US will dedicate a show to the workings of Sherlock Holmes, exhibit Benedict Cumberbatch and Jude Law memorabilia, and delve into the forensics that made Holmes a crime fighting hero


The world premier of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes will take place next month in the US. On show will be memoribilia, and details about how the detective changed the way police solve crimes today.


On display, there will be original Conan Doyle manuscripts, letters and illustrations from the author, during his time at university in Portsmouth, offering a rare opportunity to get inside the mind of Sherlock’s creator.

Fans can peruse costumes and props from the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law Sherlock movie, plus look at collectables and memorabilia from themed card games, comics and magazines to movie and TV clips from the hit Benedict Cumberbatch series.

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Visitors can also nose around a mock-version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s sitting-room at 221B Baker Street.  Plus, guests will be able to get involved in experiments to show the links between Sherlock’s detective science and what crime units do today. E. J.Wagner, author of the Science of Sherlock Holmes, backs many of the experiments on display.


Geoffrey M.Curley, principal of GMCA (the co-designers of the exhibition), explained his love of Sherlock Holmes:

“There is no other heroic character I know whose superpowers are entirely based on exceptional scientific abilities,

“Sherlock Holmes is more relevant and popular today than ever before.” he said. “It is an honor to be sharing the brilliance of Conan Doyle and his beloved Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson with children, families, and adults everywhere.”

The International Exhibition of  Sherlock Holmes will open in October and will tour 10 cities in North America, see here for more details:


Visit Oregon with Radio Radio Times Travel, see here for more details