Bryan Cranston – my wife doesn’t like me when we’re watching Breaking Bad together

The star of the hit drama tells his wife goes off him when he's being Walter White


There are many perks to playing one of the greatest ever characters on the small screen. But Bryan Cranston has admitted that the part of drug kingpin Walter White in the hit AMC show Breaking Bad has one drawback – his wife doesn’t really like him because of what his character gets up to.


In an exclusive interview with, Cranston revealed that he often watches the series with his wife, actress Robin Dearden, with frequently mixed results.

“I usually watch it with my wife when we’re in the same city at the same time,” said the actor, recently seen in the films Argo and Drive.

“It’s sometimes so egregious in its approach that she has a hard time watching it at night. I know what’s going to happen in the episode, so I’ll tell her, This one you maybe shouldn’t watch at night’.

“But she’ll sit there watching it with me and the character will do something and she’ll fold her arms and go, ‘I don’t like you anymore’.”

This may not be surprising given that his character has killed scores of people and even once poisoned a young child to further his ends.

Still, there are probably compensations for the actor, who met Dearden on the set of the show Airwolf, not least the heaps of Emmys and Screen Actors Guild awards he has scooped for the role.

The concluding episodes of the last ever series are currently showing on Netflix. The final episode will drop on 30 September.