Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

31 August-6 September: The McQueens face dark times as their worlds are ripped apart, plus has Phoebe finally discovered the truth about George and Vincent?

Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead
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Monday 2 September

As the McQueens become aware of Dr Browning’s evil plan, is there anything they can do to save their family? Ziggy is desperate to prove that he’s not under the thumb, but will he end up hurting Ruby in the process?  Has Vincent found the answer to his prayers? Meanwhile, Cindy struggles to control her agoraphobia.

Tuesday 3 September

Mercedes is devastated at the risky, extreme lengths she has to go to protect her mum, but will Dr Browning grow wise of her game plan? And will her efforts be in vain? Or will Dr Browning get his own way...with devastating consequences? George can’t deny his feelings any longer, but how will Vincent respond? 

Wednesday 4 September

A distraught Mercedes seeks the ultimate revenge on Dr Browning, but will she put herself in danger? George and Vincent settle their differences, while Phoebe gets the shock of her life. Sandy is speechless as an old face arrives back in the village and the McQueens realise that lives will never be the same again.

Thursday 5 September

The McQueens are left utterly broken by the week’s events, but can Jim provide a glimmer of hope to one family member? Will a distraught Phoebe find forgiveness? The Roscoes are aghast to hear of their brother’s recent torment. Elsewhere, the threat of Trevor still hangs strong. 

Friday 6 September

The Roscoes are dealt shocking news, but, despite wanting to think the best of her sons, Sandy’s suspicions are piqued. Vincent is made to make a difficult decision, but who will he choose? George? Or Phoebe? As Sinead is interrogated by the police, will she reveal too much?