Could an online travel show destroy guidebooks forever?

Episodes on will be released every Monday, and reveal local secrets about cities around the world


The premise of new travel online show This is My City is simple – two friends learn about the world through new friends.


Eight different episodes will be released over eight weeks, each Monday, in an attempt to showcase a different place around the world.

The creators – a former MTV video editor named Tim Kafalas and an ad agency director named Thomas Beug – aim to change the way we get our must-do recommendations when travelling, they believe local experts are the key.

“When Tim and I travelled together we realised that the quickest and most exciting way into the heart and soul of a place was through the people who lived there,” explains Beug.

“If we left the guidebooks at home and went out and chatted to everyone we could, we interacted with a place on a much deeper level. Tapping in to the knowledge and of locals let us find the hidden gems that define a city’s soul.”

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In an attempt to share what the pair had experienced when travelling, they purchased some hand held digital cameras and started shooting their experiences. Their first stop was Iceland.

“That weekend in Reykjavik (with local Viking legend Vidar) still counts as one of the best weekends of our lives and I suppose the rest is This Is My City history,” says Beug.

Beug and Kafalas’ video travel blogs/ guides show forbidden places, unusual activities and experiences in eight cities including Tokyo, Berlin, Beirut, Melbourne and Iceland. They end up at Gypsy Island, a hidden lighthouse, at ping pong events, off road driving and much more.

See the trailer here: 

As well as videos, will include itineraries, maps and details about the local people the duo meet in each city. Viewers can even download the music they hear in the clips – links to bands and artists are featured on the site.

Tune in to the first This Is My City adventure now at, and then let us know your thoughts.


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