Potties, Lego and Cake Middleton: royal baby fever kicks up commercial creativity

Fans worldwide find strange ways to commemorate the new royal


The wait is over, but that only means the real royal baby fever has just begun. News about the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge was celebrated around the world yesterday, and now retailers are getting creative to celebrate it as well.


Not only is Prince Charles selling handmade baby shoes through a shop on his Highgrove country estate, but fans around the world are acting quick to cash in. Analysts at the Centre for Retail Research have already projected that Britons are expected to shell out more than £243m on royal baby merchandise, novelty items and party food in July and August to celebrate the newborn child. That compares to the £163m spent on souvenirs to commemorate the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011.

So if a baby onesies claiming “Keep Calm, My Granny is the Queen” isn’t quite your style or you don’t have the pocket change to front a £2,230 night for a Grosvenor Hotel Suite Dreams package, here are some other strange ways to commemorate the new heir to the throne.

Cake Middleton

In ever the artistic move, Nadine Moon, owner of a Texas bakery, took her anticipation to the kitchen and crafted a life-sized Kate Middleton holding her newborn in the form of a cake. The butter pound cake with rice krispies treats is covered in vanilla and amaretto butter cream frosting, then topped with a white chocolate fondant. It is displayed at a Bridal Extravaganza Show, and Moon hopes to eventually send the cake to Kensington Palace as a gift to the new mother.

Krispy Kreme royal baby doughnuts

If you can’t get down to Texas to see the life-size Kate Middleton cake, at least Krispy Kreme can supply your mix of sweet tooth cravings and royal baby fever. The mega chain is offering doughnuts with glazing in the shape of white baby feet, complete with pink and blue filling.

Westminster Royal Addition Cheddar

If you prefer savoury to sweet, you can scour for Westminster Royal Addition Cheddar, a handmade English cheese specially produced to celebrate the birth of the new royal baby. Available at Wholefoods and other retailers, they can be found in 7 oz packs and deli wheels.

Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby

Children’s book author Martha Mumford chronicles the story of a royal baby who won’t go to sleep. With a cover touting the Queen taking her new great grandson parachuting, is it any wonder the little prince doesn’t want any shut-eye? 

Fisher Price Royal Potty

Finally, a seat fit for a future king. If you’re lucky, you can get a second-hand version on eBay, which we hope sticks to its claim and is “hardly used.”

Shake, rattle and rule

Even puking gets the royal treatment with designer Lydia Leith’s Royal Morning Sickness sick bags. The novelties come in blue or pink, and you can even get them featuring The Queen, which were made for last year’s Diamond Jubilee.

Royal Family Lego set

Not exactly the best toy for an infant, Caroline and Nick Savage have crafted a commemorative Lego set featuring the parents and baby. The scene anticipates the first public appearance of the new family on the steps of St Marys Hospital.

Royal Baby App


Just in case you weren’t already wired in with updates about the royal baby (willingly or otherwise), there’s an app for that. The free special will be updated with the first pictures of the new arrival and his parents, and even continue to include public appearance coverage and the baby’s first steps.