Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop TV remake axed due to lack of interest

The pilot starring Brandon T Jackson as Axel Foley's son, Aaron, failed to get the green light after it was pitched to US networks


You’d think a TV remake of hit 80s flick Beverly Hills Cop would have executives chomping at the bit. But the planned reboot of Eddie Murphy’s action comedy has been canned after a filmed pilot failed to attract interest from US networks


The revised format was to feature Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley in a guest star capacity as the senior policeman in his home city of Detroit with the focus transferred to his on-screen son, Aaron (played by Brandon T Jackson) who moves from Detroit to tackle crime in, you guessed it, Beverly Hills. The show would have seen Murphy reprising his role for the first time since the disappointing Beverly Hills Cop III back in 1994 and had a planned appearance from Judge Reinhold as Detective Billy Rosewood.

Creator Shawn Ryan is said to have pitched the show to networks as an hour-long police procedural with comedic elements, but despite an initial interest from fans and the industry, the pilot failed to get the green light. 

Ryan – who has previously worked as showrunner on US drama The Shield – shared the news on Twitter, telling his followers: 

But he did provide some hope for those Beverly Hills Cop fans eager for a revival… 


The last attempt at a fourth movie in the franchise stalled back in 2008 after disagreements with proposed director Brett Ratner over the direction the project would take. Back in March, Ryan had shared a selection of snaps on Twitter during filming, including an image of Murphy with his young co-star.